Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish

Listen carefully

There’s a speech I recently stumbled upon that was given by Steve Job’s at the University of Stanford during the Commencement ceremony. Jobs stated three stories from his life, but one lesson of those three stories stood out to me. The lessons he discovered about his success the impossible was possible. He never let the nay-sayers cloud his thoughts or hinder his dream.  When he started his dream, everyone called him foolish or crazy for dropping out of college. He decided to pursue this weird or strange idea of the “personal computer.” At this point, there was nothing close to this concept anywhere in the world.

Stay Foolish

The only reason some of the best inventions in the world happened is that one person decided enough was enough, sat down and worked and worked until their idea became a reality. Some of those people went on to become great. Don’t let the fear of being great to hinder your dreams, everyone everywhere can be GREAT.

Stay Hungry

I want you to bring the next fantastic idea into the world, do something no one else has ever done. If people want to call you crazy or foolish. Awesome! Stay foolish. But always stay focused, the only individual who has the power to change your life and make it better, is you.   No one cares about how you got to where you are today, the only thing they care about is what are doing today and right now. Is your life making an impact on someone else’s? Make your life worth something, worth being shared, and told over time.

So I leave with the lesson I learned from Steve Jobs

“Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish.”

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