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Just click the logos to get to the resources below. All resources I list below are my personal recommendations, either i use them daily or have used them in the past.


unnamedSlack is a dominant team based messenger application. The chat can be accessed across all platforms including web browsers. The application shines with topic-based channels, for example, if you a paper company don’t want to have one chat for all the employees or people in the group working on the project. You can have a team marketing channel, advertising channel, etc.

Google DriveResources Google Drive logo

An impressive, well-rounded cloud storage tool offering  15GB free. This tool if you already don’t know is excellent for teams as well as individuals. A bonus if you take notes or create documents using their word processing applications then it does not add to your cloud storage totals.

DropboxResources Dropbox logo

Dropbox offers many fast and robust integrations through apps, mail, and desktops. They offer 2GB free, which is not much but enough for a place to keep all those important documents you want to have at all times. I use  Dropbox daily for my cloud storage.

EvernoteResources evernote logo

A perfect application for note taking application for all projects. Straightforward and easy to use, cross-platform and I high recommend it to any students for a great to organize and keep track of your notes. Feel free to check out my full review.

Wunderlist and To-doist

Wunderlist and To-doist are the two most powerful task trackers out there I highly recommend them. Both can make separate lists and capable of adding sub-tasks.




Atom is an amazing text editor because it comes with everything, auto-complete, syntax highlighting for so many different languages.  There are countless plugins available to, so there really is no reason to have any other editor

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