Plan A Project From Start To Finish

Where to start 

Every plan or project starts with the idea. Whenever I get a new idea, I try to write down everything about that idea before I forget it. After that, the next step I take is to write down ten positive things that can come as a result of completing this project. Whether it be things that I will learn or how the project affects me. An example of this is if I was going to program a translator application. Then some of the positives are that I can learn a new language, learn how to program speech recognition, and create a marketable application.

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Creating a plan

Now that you have your idea think about a way to represent the information. There are many ways to show your thoughts and ideas, it all depends on the project. So if I’m going to write a book, I might start with a central idea which would be the main topic of the book. Then draw a flow diagram branching out from that into sub-topics and subcategories. I do this until the tasks are as small as possible. In the picture below you see an example of what this might look like. The application this diagram was made from is an application called Coggle.

Plan with Mindmap

Putting a plan into action

Now that all of your info is laid out, you can start thinking about the results that you wrote down in the beginning. Now set S.M.A.R.T goals. If you haven’t heard of this type of goal, it means specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and timely. Ever goal you set should have all of those attributes. For example, if I want to write a book I will say my goal is by December 20th I’m going to have 4 of my 12 subcategories written (these are just arbitrary numbers). The goals align with all of the attributes I mentioned because the main thing you need to be able to hold yourself accountable. I do this by having a specific number of subcategories I want to complete, having a set date to manage my time, and I know that it is possible for me to complete 4 of the subcategories in month’s time.

 Keep success going

After you start achieving your small S.M.A.R.T goals, I want you to write down how well you achieved the goal. If I only finished 3 of the 12 sections (from my example above) that I desired to write then from there, I would write down exactly what I did not complete. Maybe I got rid of one those topics, so my goal changed slightly, but the result is a success. I want you to do this so you can go back and see how successful you have been in your journey through the project. This will keep your success flowing; success is very contagious once you have a little you will want more.

Planning take aways

Always remember to write down ideas, remember those passionate feelings you originally get, break down the massive project into manageable sub-topics, set goals, keep track of success and finally don’t stop until completed. Follow this basic roadmap I laid out for you and you surely won’t fail. I am going to be sharing a big plan of mine shortly.  It will be presented in this road map format, so you can see how it applies to a real life example.

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