Evernote is the best note taking application in 2016

Evernote is a notetaking system like no other

Evernote is easily my most used productivity tool. I have struggled with trying to find the best tool for note-taking. This tool reminds most of how you structure a binder or a file system on your computer. The way you structure things in Evernote is by creating the notebook of a particular subject and then saving individual notes into it. Notes are capable of being tagged with any word. For example, I have a notebook for each class, but I tag all the notes in them with the tag of “School.” This way if I search for school all the notes with that tag now appear.

Perfect for Math and Science

The next thing I was looking for was a way to save and keep track of my notes for math and science classes without having to carry around a notebook all the time. Math and Science involves a lot of formulas and not something that can be typed quickly during a lecture. A way to do that is to handwrite the notes and then you can save it right to your Evernote account and access it wherever you want.

Idea dropping paradise

Evernote is extremely convenient for “idea dropping.” I often think about many things all day long, so I have a notebook dedicated to ideas. When I think of one on the spot but don’t have time to dive in depth into it I open a new note from my phone.  Then just jot down my ideas and overall concept I want to save for later.


Pros all for free account type:

  • Notebook like file setup
  • Cloud like storage
  • Tag-able documents
  • Searchable notes, down to a particular word
  • Sync across all devices
  • Upload 60 MB a month from outside resource on the free version
  • Web extension and save articles and images for later


  • 60MB is not much especially how I use it
    • It’s recommended to upgrade to Plus for 1GB upload per month
  • Can access documents offline unless you pay for it.
  • Can only sync across two devices


You can sign-up at this link for Evernote.

  •  If you are a student, you can get Evernote Premium for $15 the first year (Regular price: $70)
  • The application is available or Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. Completely cross-platform. Can also be viewed through a web browser if needed.

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